Southeastern Monitoring does not participate in conflict resolution with the
parties.  Once the court has determined the frequency of your schedule, Go
online and schedule an orientation.  All parties must be in agreement with the
schedule in advance.  Southeastern Monitoring reserves the right to refuse
Tips for placement parent

*Encourage kids to attend
*Don't quiz the kids
*No case talk
*Arrive and depart on time
Drug Test
Here's what we do for you.
  • Provide safe space for child / parent interaction at our office
  • Documentation forwarded to all participating parties
  • Adherence to no contact orders
  • Unbiased, professional staff
You need to provide
  • Court order
  • Schedule and payment
  • Referral, court contract and release of information with contact info for all parties
  • Meals and snacks for participating children
  • Attend orientation
Payment for Family Time

Pay for Orientation
Other important info
  • We are not a non-profit agency.  
  • Court testimony is a fee based service.
  • SEM does not coordinate Family Time.  Clients must confirm the schedule with all
    parties and utilize self - scheduling system.
  • Guests are NOT permitted.
  • Failure to pay for visits results in automatic cancellations.  
What's the next step?
  • Confirm with your parties availability and schedule an orientation.  All parties must
    attend an orientation.  
  • Confirm with your parties when you intend to conduct your visit and self - schedule
  • Submit all documentation to
  • Pay for Family Time by 5pm, one day prior to schedule.  
Tips for non-placement

*Don't quiz about placement
*Bring activities
*Play on the floor
*End visits on a positive note
*Make departures brief